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       A Very Warm Welcome To St Joseph's Primary School Rosebery


St Joseph’s  Primary School, Rosebery, is a small Catholic Primary school situated on the West Coast of Tasmania.

As one of two Catholic schools on the West Coast, St. Joseph’s serves as a strong Catholic presence in the West Coast Parish offering a Catholic  education  to  children from Zeehan, Rosebery and Tullah.

St. Joseph’s Catholic School shares the evangelizing mission of the Catholic Church.

The education offered at St. Joseph’s is an invitation to each student to develop to their full potential as a person. The education program is delivered in a Faith context and is therefore an invitation to a relationship with God.

St. Joseph’s endeavours to offer quality education to all its students. It is strongly committed to high standards in everything that is undertaken and offered within the school. In this way the School fulfills its mission.

The School’s Catholic identity is expressed in various ways: through prayer; liturgical celebrations; religious symbols; religious education programs, community service and the manifestation of Gospel values in the day to day happenings and interactions of the school community. 

Relationships are very important. Students need to feel they are known and appreciated, staff need to be supported and encouraged and parents need to feel they are significant participants in the life of the school and that they are always welcome.

At St. Joseph’s School, communication within the school community is vitally important.  Parent/teacher contact in the interests of the child is essential. Parents are kept informed through weekly newsletters and through the reporting process, both formal and informal.

St. Joseph’s School abides by a policy of inclusivity in its enrollment and in meeting the diverse needs of all its students.

St. Joseph’s Catholic School seeks to preserve its heritage. The School honours the commitment, hard work and dedication of those who have been part of our School Community over the last half a century.

  St Joseph's Rosebery Is A Nut Aware School 
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