Parents and Friends

Families are significant participants in the life of our School community and are always welcome. We feel communication within the School community is vitally important in the interests of your child's education. Families are kept informed through our weekly newsletters and through our formal and informal reporting processes.

The School’s effectiveness largely depends on the mutual support and co-operation between families and staff. Parents and carers are expected to show an active interest in the life of the school and to be ‘in tune’ with the education of their child. Assistance from families with class activities and excursions is always appreciated. Parents and carers are always welcome in our school.

The St Joseph's Catholic School Parents and Friends Association is a support group, which helps the School in a voluntary capacity. The Association promotes social interaction in the School community and therefore plays a key pastoral role. The P&F assists the School in fundraising for resources, which directly benefit the students. All parents and carers are encouraged to attend meetings and all are welcome to seek election to office. Meetings are held monthly.

Please contact the School directly for more information on how you can participate.